Thank you Universe

Thank you for a wonderful abundant life.

Thank you for my body, beautiful and young and full of energy. For abundant health, for skin that glows, for a smile that comes easily and often.

Thank you for abundance in money, for never having to worry about what things cost because I know that I have more than enough. Thank you for a beautiful home, with huge windows and an amazing view that brings in the sunlight and the moonlight. Thank you for the amazing city that I live in, every day I just feel so lucky to live here.

Thank you for the chilly mornings, for the gloomy rainy days, for the hot summer afternoons. Thank you for the smell of the sea on the wind and the caress of the sun on my cheeks. Thank you so much.

Thank you for an easy, simple lifestyle, where I can spend every day exactly the way I want. Where I don’t have to do things to survive, but that I do them because I want to do them. Thank you for this beautiful day that just fills me with a bubbling, happy energy that makes me just want to jump into the air!

Thank you for my abundance of creativity, for that energy that makes me want to create something awesome the moment that I wake up! For that drive deep inside that keeps me awake because I just have to make something today! Thank you for all the paints and the tools and the space and just everything that makes it easy to create something beautiful. Thank you for the freedom to create what I want, for myself, and thank you for the freedom to share what I create with the world, for those who appreciate and love what I do.

Thank you for my love, for her guidance and support and love. Thank you for helping her find me. Thank you for letting me make her happy. Thank you for this life we share together.

Thank you for my parents, my sisters, who I love and wish happiness on. Thank you for helping them understand me. Thank you for their constant support and thank you for a family that cares about me so much. Thank you for helping me show them that I love them too.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for me. For who I am. Thank you. I love myself, I wouldn’t be anyone else.